Brainstorming of Research Question and Finalisation

The topic 'Population and Resources' was chosen from the 15 Global Challenges Globe below :

These are the question we came up with according to the topic:

1)How has the difference in the resources affected the population of Singapore?

2)How will Singapore sustain resources after the 6.9 million population?

3)How can the population of Singapore and new immigrants affect the workforce?

4)How does the ageing population affects the employment rates?

We decided to focus on the 4th question so we discussed further and came up with the question below:

How does a ageing population affect the workforce in Singapore?

After a bit more of refining(Thanks to Mr Ng), we managed to make it more specific.

The question was changed to :

How does an ageing population affect the GDP of Singapore?

However, we decided to rethink of a research question as this question seemed a bit too narrow and close-ended.

Our Final Question is :

A comparative study of the ageing population of the four asian tigers (Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea) and the medical spending of each country.

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