Our Research Question : A comparative study of the ageing population of the four asian tigers (Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea) and the medical spending of each region.

Type of Data Collection Type:

Since the research is regarding the population of the four regions, data will be collected about the population trends over a fixed amount of time of each region from various sources which are reliable such as websites and newspaper or online articles or papers. Studies done by other people can be used for the data collection. The data will be analysed and important facts or points will be highlighted.

The research is also about the medical spending of each of the four regions. Therefore information about the medical spending and the future plans of the governments of each of the asian tigers will also be garnered from similar, reliable sources. The data will also be analysed carefully and the important points will be highlighted as well.

The data will be collated using a semi-tabular method as it uses both texts and tables, thus it is easier compare the population of each region in terms of which has the highest rate of aging and how many percentage of the population is aged and in need of healthcare.

After all the data is collected and put into a table, the results will be compared and analysed. From the analysis of the data, a conclusion will be formed which is accurate and reliable. This way, we will be also be able find out where each of the four regions stands in terms of medical expenditure.

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